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About Pia Freund & Kirsi Kiviharju

Pia Freund & Kirsi Kiviharju

The concert of Pia Freund and Kirsi Kiviharju consisting of French music was like a jewelry case, full of pearls.

Kymen Sanomat, 9.6.2002

Pia Freund and Kirsi Kiviharju have recorded a beautiful and nostalgic Chrismas CD which is full of joyful performing. This CD is absolutely a must!

Aksentti 10/2004

The dark sound of Pia Freund possesses an amazing resemblence with the harpist Kirsi Kiviharju. Lind Wood Rollo's and Susann McDonald's arrangements lets the harpist shine not to mention the singer. This sophisticated CD is worth listening. It gradually reveals it's secret.

Kirkko ja kaupunki 1.12.2004

Kirsi Kiviharju and Pia Freund

Pia Freund, soprano and Kirsi Kiviharju, harp have already performed together for ten years. Impressing audiences as the soprano becomes one with the sound of Kiviharju's playing. Freund's beautiful, soft toned soprano vocals compliment the sound of Kiviharju's harp exceedingly well, specially in the repertoire of this duo, the French Debussy, Ravel, Fauré and Tournier.

Freund and Kiviharju perform in churches and also in childrens concerts. The repertoire of the duo is wide, consisting of music from the 1400-1500s to the 20th century, also including lied and church music. Pia Freund and Kirsi Kiviharju have rehearsed their repertoire with Dorothy Irving, the grand old lady of the art of singing. Additionally, the American harpist Linda Wood Rollo has made arrangements especially for this duo.

Freund and Kiviharju have done many recordings for the Finnish Broadcasting Company in several churches and have also made a Christmas CD called
Hosanna in Excelsis! (Fuga, 2004).

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Photo: Heikki Tuuli

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