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Kalevi Kiviniemi & Kirsi Kiviharju

Kalevi Kiviniemi & Kirsi Kiviharju

Kirsi Kiviharju and Kalevi Kiviniemi set off a musical fireworks.

Aalener Nachrichten Germany, June 19, 2007

Kalevi Kiviniemi performs in an extraordinary high technical level and in remarkable tempos expressing the highest level of playing the organ. Kirsi Kiviharju, known as a fearless harpist performs completely on the same level producing an incredible powerful sound of her Venus Diplomat Grand Concert harp made in the USA.

Aalener Nachrichten, Germany June 19, 2007

Kirsi Kiviharju's brilliant playing reminds in the finale virtuoso fireworks of great pianists. The arrangements of Kalevi Kiviniemi open ears to the potentials of the organ which seems even to exceed the sounds of the orchestra.

Kirkkomusiikkilehti 5-6/2008

The concert's highlights included Claude Debussy's Danse Sacrée and Danse Profane. The piece's tranquil and colourful mood set a meditative atmosphere. The bright sound of the harp and the elegance of the organ stayed true to Debussy, but at the same time managed to sound new and unique. Camille Saint-Saënsi's Morceau de Concert ended the concert which seemed to embody flashes of various points in the artist's life. The concert, like a kaleidoscope, was multi-dimensional.

The concert was over in less than an hour, but during this length of time the concert still managed to be grand.

Kaleva, March 21, 2000

Kirsi Kiviharju and Kalevi Kiviniemi

The combination of harp and organ is one of the most rare and interesting in instrumental concert music repertoire. The history of the duo Kirsi Kiviharju, harp and Kalevi Kiviniemi, organ began in 1996 in a concert in the Johannes Church in Helsinki. The co-operation of these two artists has continued with performances in Finland and elsewhere in Europe. The duo has performed at the international World Harp Congress event in Prague in 1999 as a representative of Scandinavia. In Germany the duo has performed quite often, for instance in the Orgelfestival Fugato in 2001 where the performance was broadcasted. The duo has also been asked to perform twice in the concert series of the Abteikirche Neresheim.

The emphasis of the repertoire of this duo lies upon French music –as both artists are specialists in this area. Most of the music the duo performs consists of pieces written for harp solo with orchestra, where the orchestral parts have been arranged by Kiviniemi for the organ, based on the tone of the French Cavaillé-Coll organ.

The duo Kiviharju and Kiviniemi has also made many recordings for the Finnish Broadcasting company and three CDs:
Harp and Organ (Fuga v. 1999), Aria (Fuga v. 2004), and Majestic (Fuga v. 2008).

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Photo: Soile Siltanen

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