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About my teaching

I've been teaching harp for about twenty years and have always felt it an important part of my work as a musician. As a teacher I have found the biggest influence on myself to be, perhaps the most famous person in harp pedagogy, Susann McDonald, USA. I have been privileged to receive harp instruction from Ms. McDonald first in a masterclass for Scandinavian harpists in Copenhagen in 1988 and then in the US in 1989. Her open, warm, loving and artistic personality, as well as her broad experience as a harpist and a harp teacher have had an enduring influence on me. I hope I can transfer this influence on to my own students.

Espoon musiikkiopisto (photo Matti turunen)
Sibelius-akatemia (photo wikipediasta)

At the moment I teach at Sibelius Academy and Espoo Music Institute. Earlier, I've taught in numerous conservatories and other institutes. I've taught beginners as well as those studying to become professionals. To my joy many of my students have continued on to reach the professional level.

For more information about my teaching please take a look at the website,, which is also the site for EMOn harppuoppilaiden tukiyhdistys (the association for the harpstudents at Espoo Music Institute). This association, in which I am a chairperson, is fundraising to assist students studying the playing of the harp. In autumn 2008 our association organised the first national Espoo Harp Symposium. Our aim is to make the symposium an annual event bringing together harp students of all ages and levels.

Kirsi Kiviharju

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