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... Kirsi Kiviharju and Kalevi Kiviniemi set a musical off fireworks.

Aalener Nachrichten Germany, June 19, 2007

... The sound of the harp bloomed. It filled the church to its farthest corner and left the audience fascinated and impressed. There were no problems with the sound, which can in some concerts test the patience of the audience. Kiviharju blew away the latest skeptics with the Rhapsodie by Marcel Grandjany.

Aalener Nachrichten, Germany, June 22, 2004

... Fascinating: a queen and an angel!... Kirsi Kiviharju absorbed the large audience with the Pastorale-variations by Marcel Samuel-Rousseau into the unique atmosphere of her instrument.

Schwäbische Post, Germany, June 22, 2004

... The virtuoso playing of Kirsi Kiviharju was consistently rich in expression, an amazing technique and sensitivity of sound as the fundamental bases.

Bote vom Untermain, Germany, July 23, 2002

... This recording is a cornucopia of romantic French music which should please also the wide audience.

Harp Almanac, USA, 1999

... Kirsi Kiviharju's playing, atmospheric and brilliant in turn, captivates the listener. Excellent harp playing!

Helsingin Sanomat, October 1,1999

... Kirsi Kiviharju is one of the most magnificent harpists in our country.

Turun Sanomat, November 30, 2000

... The art of harp of Kirsi Kiviharju calls forth delight with its precision and delicacy. She elicits rich nuances and the most ecstatic colours of sound from this instrument. This concert of French music was like a jewelry case, full of pearls.

Kymen Sanomat, June 9, 2002

... Kirsi Kiviharju set a varied and inspiring atmosphere with an artistic touch to her instrument.

Keskipohjanmaa, December 13, 2006

... Kiviharju gives it everything she's got, but she does so with enjoyment, confidence and style. The music is captivating.

Pohjalainen, September 28, 1999

... The world of the sound of the harp was calm and full of colour, and it created a genuinely meditative atmosphere. The sound of the harp was also bright and the interpretation of Kirsi Kiviharju was as expressive as a kaleidoscope. Though the concert was relatively short, it was a great experience.

Kaleva, March 21, 2000

... Those who came to the concert to hear the harp were treated to the full gamut of the properties of this divine instrument as Kirsi Kiviharju, with technical mastery, picked out the beautiful melodic motif and built chords time and again to fill the church with a brilliant texture of sound.

Satakunnan Kansa, June 29, 1999

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